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The second book in the Advent trilogy


Corporal “Goose” Maculloch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police isn’t expecting much from her new posting: one of those back end of nowhere places where nothing ever happens. That’s until a girl who’s been accused of murder disappears from a locked cell on Goose’s watch. On top of that, something’s going funny with the internet connection …

As the world beyond begins to fail, Goose tracks the vanished girl through the wilderness of Vancouver Island.

Meanwhile in Cornwall a desolate child leaves the home that has kept her safe all her life and strikes out into the unknown.

And a mother, half-mad with grief for her lost son, sets off to find him.

There is a place where all their journeys meet.

But someone is watching the roads …

Anarchy will be published on 4 July in the UK and Commonwealth, and in September in the US.

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The first book in the Advent trilogy

Advent book cover

Once, there were mermaids in the seas and virtues in the stars; but then a gift was lost, and all of that became no more than the stuff of fantasy.

What if it came back?

Everyone tells fifteen-year-old Gavin that the things he sees aren’t really there. He hardly believes himself any more.

Then he’s sent to stay with his aunt in Cornwall. She’s not there to meet him. But other things are, things no one will be able to ignore.

Magic is coming back, bringing terrible things with it …

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To mark UK publication of Anarchy, I’ve contributed a post about fantasy to Hodderscape, Hodder & Stoughton’s always interesting genre blog. It’s available here.

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Zoë Markham [blog], July 2013

Author and blogger Zoë Markham reviews Anarchy.

'... really THICK hot soup' [Blog], Summer 2012

I have no idea what this review is about, let alone whether it’s broadly positive or negative, but I can’t resist the bit about soup. (It’s in the comments section.)

Being Obscure Clearly [blog], March 2012

A blogger earns herself a link here by comparing Advent to the work of Susan Cooper and Alan Garner. The review contains a few mild spoilers.

Thirst For Fiction [blog], January 2012

‘There is something profoundly different about Advent …’ Read the full review here.

Fabulous Realms [blog], January 2012

A fantasy blogger’s reaction to an advance copy of Advent.

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Publishers Weekly, May 2012

In advance of US publication of Advent, some Qs and As about the book. The answers were too verbose to fit in the printed magazine, so they spilled over into the internet. Blame the interviewer for asking interesting questions.

4ZZZ Radio, Brisbane, April 2012

Listen to the podcast of a radio interview discussing myth and magic in Advent. (And some other things as well.)

BBC TV, 'Meet the Author,' February 2012

A brief interview with journalist Nick Higham, broadcast on the BBC News 24 channel. (Video may not be available in all territories.)

The Bookseller, November 2011

A brief interview in the UK trade publication The Bookseller.

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And By The Way...

Interpreting Wagner

I’m also the author of Interpreting Wagner, which is a book about … interpreting Wagner. That’s Richard Wagner, the nineteenth-century German composer and dramatist. Apologies to disappointed fans of Lindsay Wagner and/or Robert Wagner.

For Completists Only

And I’m also the author of Autobiographical Writing and British Literature, 1783-1834, which does exactly what it says on the tin. There is, as yet, no movie deal.

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